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Yu (Tom) Gao's personal web page about peptide/peptoid chemistry, chemical biology and proteomics.
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about me

about me

My name is Yu Gao, people call me Tom because most people cannot pronounce my first name right. I was born in Changchun, a beautiful city in the northeast of China, near the Great Siberia and North Korea, really good place. It is also where Ei-ichi Negishi, 2010 Nobel Laureate of Chemistry and Liu Xiaobo, 2010 Nobel Peace Prize, were born. It is also the home town of Li Hongzhi, founder of Falun Gong. Lots of crazy minds! Told you, it is a good place.

I love research, I love travel, I love great food.

When I was 6, my family did a little trip in Europe when my dad was pursuing his Ph.D. (Chemistry as well). We spent 2 years in Darmstadt, Germany and 3 years in Genova, Italy. Lots of beer, sausage, pizza, pesto and pasta, and yes, that’s all I remembered.

research interest

research interest

Chemistry + Biology

When chemistry meets biology, great things happen. I am especially interested in using chemical tools to explorer the unknowns in biology. Moreover, I am a believer in mathematics and informatics, these are the keys to decipher the secrets of the universe! I did my Ph.D. with Prof. Thomas Kodadek at Scripps Florida in the field of chemical biology. I worked on the synthesis, characterization and screening of large scale peptidomimetic libraries against various proteins. That's quite a long journey but it is a good one! Right now I am a post doctoral researcher in Prof. John Yates III's lab at The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, working in the field of proteomics and metabolomics. Here is my CV if you are interested.


I am an expert in amide bond formation, seriously. If you have any problem regarding a hard-to-couple amide bond, ask me! I also do small molecule synthesis and peptides/peptoids oligomer combinatorial synthesis. Right now I am doing proteomics, which is destroying amide bonds. Therefore I guess soon enough I will become the amide bond expert! 8-)


On the biology side, I am interested in kinases and their signalling pathway. Especially their involvement in cancer. Currently I am developing a highly sensitive assay that may detect cancer at a very early stage. Lung cancer diagnosed at stage I has a 5-year survival rate of 50% comparing to only 1% survival rate at stage IV! That's why I am doing it!

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All the software provided here are developed by me and free to use for people in not-for-profit organizations to do research. If you used my software for you publication, please give me credit by citing my paper! For any other use contact bathygao(at)

contact me

contact me

Are you interested in collaborating? Tell me about your project:
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Also, if you find any bug from my software, please let me know!


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